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9:00 A.M.Breakfast and NetworkingBreakfast and NetworkingBreakfast and NetworkingBreakfast and NetworkingBreakfast and Networking
9:30 A.M.Welcome: Anantha ChandrakasanWelcome: Martin SchmidtWelcome: Fiona MurrayWelcome: Joi ItoWelcome: Tim Swager
9:35 A.M.Different Types of Entrepreneurs: Bill AuletDesign Thinking: Maria YangIndustry Perspectives: What's Hot and What's Not?: Nicole StataClearly Defining the Right Problem/Opportunity to Address: David CancelBuilding a Product Spec and First Definition of Value Proposition: Bill Aulet
10:20 A.M.Science- or Technology-Based Entrepreneurship: Angela Belcher and Bob LangerJobs to Be Done: Bob MoestaCriteria to Judge the Attractiveness of an Idea: Katie RaeMarket Segmentation and Beachhead Market Selection: Josh FormanWhen to Make It and When to Fake It: John McEleney
11:05 A.M.BreakBreakBreakBreakBreak
11:15 A.M.Good, Bad, and Ugly of Entrepreneurship: Gabe Blanchet, Donna Levin, Dip Patel, and Arun SaigalGoing From a Pure Tech to Market: Karen Gleason and Kripa VaranasiBuilding a Great Team: Peter LevinePersona Development plus Legitimate and Illegitimate Customer Validation: Brian Halligan
Moderator: Carly Chase
Making and Entrepreneurship: Marty Culpepper
12:20 P.M.Lunch (room 34-401)Lunch (room 34-401)Lunch (room 34-401)Lunch (room 34-401)Lunch (room 34-401)
1:15 P.M.Assessment of Entrepreneurial Skills Set: Kit Hickey and Erin ScottBuilding More Positivity and Creativity Into Your Personal Interactions: Improv Training: Dave Morris (room 34-401)Speed Dating Ideas: Trish Cotter and Donna Levin (room 34-401)Market Segmentation to BHM Workshop: Christina ChaseBuild a High Level Brochure for Product: Nick Meyer
2:15 P.M.BreakBreakBreakBreakBreak
2:30 P.M.Fair of Entrepreneurial Prototypes:
Natalya Bailey, David Cohen-Tanugi, Devin Cook, Will Dickson, Rob Lemos, Rena Pacheco-Theard, Will Sanchez, and Nathan Stebbins
Brainstorming to Start to Build an Idea Journal: Blade KotellySpeed Dating Ideas: Trish Cotter and Donna Levin (room 34-401)Primary Market Research and Persona Development: Trish Cotter (room 34-401)Plan to Develop a Prototype or Equivalent Relevant Milestone: Nick Meyer
3:45 P.M.Day ConcludesDay ConcludesDay ConcludesDay ConcludesDay Concludes
 Monday 1/15Tuesday 1/16Wednesday 1/17Thursday 1/18Friday 1/19
9:00 A.M.NO CLASS: Martin Luther King Jr. DayTrip to New York CityBreakfast and NetworkingBreakfast and NetworkingBreakfast and Networking
9:30 A.M.Welcome: David SchmittleinWelcome: Vladimir BulovicWelcome: Cynthia Barnhart
9:35 A.M.Creating a Strong Company Identity and Team: Tom LeightonThe Wisdom of Finance: Discovering Humanity in the World of Risk and Return: Mihir DesaiGetting the First Sales: Michael Troiano
10:20 A.M.Everyone Should Have a Plan But Then Stuff Happens: Andy OryBusiness Ethics: Leigh HafreyBuilding a Scalable Sales Capability in Your New Venture:
Kirk Arnold
11:05 A.M.BreakBreakBreak
11:15 A.M.Story of a Company or Product Pivot: Erika AngleDetermining Financing Needs and Potential Sources: Oren MichelsHow to Attract and Utilize Mentors and Other Advisors for Your New Venture: Jennifer Lum
12:20 P.M.Lunch (room 34-401)Lunch (room 34-401)Lunch (room 34-401)
1:15 P.M.How to Build a Human Resources Plan: Steve FredetteFinancial Literacy: Jamie GoldsteinBuilding a List of First 10 Potential Customers: Jim Schuchart
2:15 P.M.BreakBreakBreak
2:30 P.M.Designing and Developing a Plan to Identify Key Hypotheses and Run A/B Testing: Reed SturtevantAsk Me Anything: Anantha Chandrakasan and David SchmittleinSales Training - Closing an Order: Kent Summers
Sales for Scientists: Alok Tayi
3:45 P.M.Day ConcludesDay Concludes
5:00 P.M.StartMIT Innovation Night
Hosts: Anantha Chandrakasan and David Schmittlein
5:00 P.M.: Startup Showcase
6:30 P.M.: Fireside Chat with Sue Siegel
Moderator: Donna Levin
Location: Samberg Center
By invitation only
 Monday 1/22Tuesday 1/23Wednesday 1/24
9:00 A.M.Breakfast and NetworkingBreakfast and Networking
9:30 A.M.Welcome: Lesley Millar-NicholsonStudents to meet with mentors (room 34-401)
9:35 A.M.Entrepreneurship Is Not a Straight Line or What You Think It Is: Caroline Brown and Rama Ramakrishnan
Moderator: Kit Hickey
Fireside Chat: Brad Feld
Moderator: Bill Aulet
10:20 A.M.Entrepreneurship Beyond the US: Alicia Rodriguez, David Wang, and Danielle Renee Zurovcik
Moderator: Reinaldo Normand
11:05 A.M.BreakStudent presentations
11:15 A.M.Overview of Resources at MIT and Beyond
12:20 P.M.Lunch (room 34-401)
1:15 P.M.Fair of Resources at MIT and Beyond (room 34-401)Lunch (room 34-401)Lunch (room 34-401)
2:15 P.M.Day ConcludesStudents to meet with mentors (room 34-401)Student presentations
3:00 P.M.Fireside Chat: Niraj Shah
Moderator: Jinane Abounadi
3:45 PM.Day Concludes
4:00 PM.Day Concludes